The  images below are concept art sheets, promotional illustrations, digital sculpts and ingame models made as user generated content for the Steam Workshop.
I have items accepted and sold into Dota2, Warframe, Killing Floor 2, and Chivalry Medieval Warfare.
Some of these items where done as collaborations with one or multiple artists, and some where done by myself only. All the 2d art shown below (concept art, illustrations) is mine.
Not all items get accepted. For details check my items page on the Steam Workshop.
Credits for the collaborations include the following artists :
Brent LaDue : sculpting, modeling and texturing of Frogs and Bugs creeps (exept catapults), Bloodseeker set, Earth Spirit set, and Lone Druit set.
Alexander Polovov : sculpting,  modeling and texturing of Elder Titan set.
Andrea Orioli : sculpting, modeling and texturing of Naga Siren set.