I am a character artist doing concept art, realtime assets and digital sculpts.
This gallery presents professional and personal work.

Download my resume in
PDF format, or open the web version here.
There’s also my Vimeo channel for short tutorials and visual experiments.

To drop me a line : piormessages at gmail dot com.
949 861 1316  (USA)

   STATUE UPDATE  2013 Feb 20th   

The Stylized Female V2 is coming soon ! I just received the first unit for approval, and the casts are hitting the last stages of production at the factory right now.
Super excited about this ...

Check out the Polycount thread here to learn more. Thanks to Renaud for the help with the pictures!

Female V2 001   Female V2 002

The V1 model from 2011, in neutral gray.

Female V1


A painting which started as a portrait study of a friend, became a fully painted piece for the Cognosco Blizzard artists exhibit in 2012, and eventually ended up as an animated 2.5D loop.
Painted in CS and Artrage. Relief sculpting in Mudbox, assembly in Max and render in AE.

Breakdown shot here and original painting here.

  ELECTRON FANTASTIQUE SENTAI すばらしい電子の戦士  Ongoing ...    

A few images centered around a character that I have been messing around for some time now.
The paintings show her physical Sentai form, and the glowing wireframe images show her virtual TRON avatar.

I was excited at the idea of putting her in SF4 as a Cammy replacement model but it turns out the game only allows for texture edits, not full model swaps. Therefore she ended up as an Unreal 3 package, later used in the mod Spectrum.

Electron Fantastique